Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Dan & Kelli

Why I'm speechless about Dan and Kelli and their wedding:
1. What an honor to witness our dear friends tie the knot!
2. Kelli is stunning.
3. Love was overflowing: bride, groom, family, friends, in the small details...
4. I LOVE traditional ceremonies with fantastic music!
5. I'm excited for their bright and happy future together!

She's too gorgeous.

They didn't see each other before the ceremony...

Flowergirl and niece Emma did a little taste testing on the cake! I love her expressions!

...did I mention that Dan has impeccable taste in groomsmen?

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Aunt Krissy said...

Dear Emily:
Wonderful shots for some everlasting memories. What a glorious day to be at this union and share the time with Dan & Kelli and their families.....
I have held my own wedding closest to my heart for traditional fun, and LOVE..... but this day, 12/29/07 - this was the most exciting and yet just beautiful wedding festivities I have ever been to! This couple - there was so much happiness, sincerity and trueness in their love and the love of friends and family! This was the most awestruck wedding I ever felt so much about before. I have sang for many weddings and seen very unique and "one of a kind" ceremonies but Kelli & Dan Stoa - that is how a wedding should be - and that is very very special.... Thanks for including us and Emily Thanks for your great photos. From Lansing, MN - we are sending Thoughts, Prayers, and Love to D & K on the new verse of their lives that will play out in their song..... take care!
Aunt Krissy