Saturday, May 17, 2008


It began with life as students at Concordia College.

More specifically, it began with life as students in the photo lab at Concordia College.

We bonded over dark room fumes, late nights of experimental photography, discussions about aperture, iso, film grain, macs, and other topics that nerdified us to our other friends. We used each other as models when no one else would agree…eventually teaching each other to avoid being in front of the lens. We dreamt of our then imaginary and now reality photography business.

We were friends first, photography lovers second, and business partners third.

Our lives changed, our business is changing, our friendship will remain.

Lemon Lime Studios will be different and yet the same.

We are Molly and Emily. We were Lemon Lime Studios. We still prefer to stay behind the camera.

Enough mushy stuff! The long and short of it is, Lemon Lime Studios is branching into two. We're still the same photographers with a twist, but now under two separate names. We are both excited to welcome new phases of our photography businesses, but need your help as we transition. Both Molly and I are struggling to come up with new names! So this is where you come in:

• Brainstorm new names for me! Your idea should be creative and catchy. You get bonus points if the name you create relates to limes in an artsy, but not necessarily predictable way.
• Add your name ideas as a comment on this blog (show us some blog love!) or email me at by May 25th. Your name will be entered in a drawing for a $20 iTunes gift card! Be sure to head on over to Molly's blog and get entered into her drawing as well!

Let the creative (and citrusy) juices flow!!

And because no post is complete with a photo or two...

We told you it's best we stay behind!


Melissa G. said...

My vote is for "In the Limelight Photography"... I'll keep thinking though too!

emily griffith said...

Thanks for the great idea, Melissa! You are officially entered into the drawing!

Melissa G. said...

Okay, I have another one! If you called it "Lime Tree Photography" not only does it rhyme, but you could have a cute picture of a lime tree for your logo! This is a fun project. I like it!

jcmiller87 said...

I like ylime photography. Emily is to ylime as Oprah is to Harpo, just saying (Erica helped with that little analogy) Or key lime photography (like key lime pie, it's a delicacy/luxury/tasty, so maybe you could play with that)

Natalie said...

Sublime Photography? I suppose you could do something with it like subLIME photography...?

I really like Limelight too :)

-Natalie Anderson-

Christy said...

What if you just picked a color or ajective that has nothing to do with limes and put it on there anyway?

Like,Blue Lime Photography or Crazy Lime Photography - O.K. that's not a serious one but you get the idea.

I did a quick search and there already are companies named:
Lime Light Photography
Lime Photography
Little Lime Photography (children's portraits)
Lime Photography.

emily griffith said...

Thanks for the awesome ideas everyone!! I appreciate it!!!!