Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Lemon and the Lime

The journey that this crazy thing called a photography business has taken me on has been nothing short of incredible! Some of you know the story of Lemon Lime Studios but it all started in the dark room at Concordia College. Molly and I dreamed and loosely joked about our "photography business" that we would have some day. Kind of like the way you joke about winning the lottery....something you really want but don't think it's attainable. And what would an imaginary business be without an imaginary name...of course, it would unofficially be named Lemon Lime Studios because if you spell Emily backwards and remove the Y, you get lime. And if you spell Molly backwards, it's nothing close to lemon but just use your imagination! Way cheesy, right? But yep, I just admitted it all and the lemon and the lime has stuck. Fast forward a couple years and the real life Lemon Lime Studios is up and running, dare I even say thriving? So, so, so awesome. Over the past months, you've heard bits and pieces of new business names, new websites, new etc. etc. and now, finally one of us actually has something to show from the redesign process! Molly's new website and blog are up and running and I couldn't be happier for her!


Check them out! Website: Paper Lemon Photography and blog: Paper Lemon Blog

My site, One Lime Photo, is coming along but let's face it, I'm a perfectionist indecisive and take FOREVER with these things! I can assure you though, it will be worth the wait! You might have noticed some new elements of One Lime Photo showing up on the blog, like the new logo. And as a side note, the gallery will be changing over very soon as the Lemon Lime Studios site is slowly phased out *tear* but I'll keep you posted on that! In the meantime, keep checking this blog for the most current work. You can also check out the One Lime Photo Facebook Fan Page and even become a fan if you like! Lastly, I am the newest member of Twitter so if you are a Twitter-er (I think that is a legitimate term in Twitter language!), you can follow me here!

By the way, (because everyone seems to think we hate each other now) there's no drama between me and Molly...we still like each other, we're still great friends, and we STILL both prefer to stay behind the camera! :)

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